Oral Presentations

The oral sessions include usually five presentations. Each speaker has 15 minutes for his presentations followed by 3 minutes of answering questions and discussion with the audience (total time for the paper - 18 minutes). Very useful should be 15-minute sand clepsydra.

The speaker is requested to introduce himself in 2-3 sentences before the paper presentation.

The session chairmen will inform the speaker about 2 last remaining minutes of his presentation showing him a yellow sheet of paper. After the presentation, the session chairmen will ask the audience for questions and comments.

Authors of oral presentations will have at their disposal in each Symposium room: PC computer or laptop with multimedia overhead projector for power-point presentation.

Conference speakers are requested to come to their session room not later than 10 minutes before the session beginning and to contact the session chairmen and technical personnel in order to prepare their presentation in advance. The speaker presenting the paper should bring his presentation on CD or USB flash memory (USB sticker) and give it to the technical personnel to copy it to the hard drive.

To avoid any technical problems, it is strictly recommended to use Conference Organizer’s computers only.

Poster Presentations

Max size of poster board (usable space): 90 cm wide and 110 cm high (vertical/portrait!). The organizers suggest that the poster was prepared in accordance with the instructions and should be size A1 (59 cm × 84 cm). Suggested poster template.

Preparing your poster 

Text on poster: Use a clear typeface and, if possible, a laser printer; The poster should be readable from a distance of 2-3 meters. This means that all lettering should be at least 8mm high; Please prepare a title banner for your poster to be hanged across the top of the poster board. The title banner should have a width of max. 90 cm and should state the title of the presentation and the name(s) and affiliations(s) of the author(s). Lettering on the banner should be at least 20mm high.
Graphs and diagrams: Graphs and figures should be readable from a distance of 2-3 meters; They should be drawn with a minimum line width of 1 mm.

At the Conference
General Information: One poster board will be allocated for each poster presentation; A printed number identifying each poster board will be provided;
Location: Posters will be presented in the Poster Area.


An official Conference language is English only. Unfortunately simultaneous translations are not provided.

Best Presentation Award

To encourage the authors to give their best concerning the paper presentation, at the end of the Conference, the best presentation will be awarded.
The Best Paper Award Committee (session chairmen) will make its decision by looking for:

  • high quality and innovative scientific papers,
  • best and most innovative paper,
  • best performance of the presentation.

The winner of the best paper award will be presented to the audience at the end of the Conference during the Closing Ceremony.