Nautical Science; Marine Navigation
Safety and Security of Maritime Shipping
Sea Transport and Transportation Technology
Technology Development in Maritime and Ocean Engineering
Safety and Environment Protection at Sea
Recent Trends and Future Perspectives for Shipping
Geometry of Navigation
Hydrography, Sea Survey, Geodesy, Marine Cartography, Chart Projections, Chart Datum, Coastal and Ocean Mapping
Geodetic and Hydrographical Support of Human Activity at Sea
Geospatial Sciences; Geomatics and GIS in Maritime Applications
Spatial Data Analysis; 3D Mapping; 3D and Augmented Reality
Electronic Chart Systems ECS and ECDIS
Navigational Charts: ENC, RNC, DNC, SNC
Inland, Sea-River, River and Pilot Navigation Systems; Inland Shipping
Presentation of Navigation-related Information; User Interface
Route Planning and Monitoring; Passage Plan; Shipping Lane
Integrated Navigational Systems INS, Integrated Bridge Systems IBS
Alternate Navigation Technologies; Inertial Navigation; Indoor Navigation; Urban Navigation; Personal Navigation
e-Navigation Concept
Satellite Navigation (e.g. GNSS, GPS, GLONASS, Compass/Beidou and Galileo); GNSS Vulnerability
GNSS Ground Based Augmentation Systems (GBAS); Space Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS); Satellite Geodesy
Atomic Clocks and Timing Applications
Celestial/Astro Navigation; Nautical Almanac
Radio Frequency Technology; Radio Based Navigational Systems
Determining the Position of a Vessel; Position Fixing; Accuracy and Precision
Navigational Infrastructure; AtoN; Virtual Aids to Navigation
Precise Point Positioning (PPP); Location-Based Services (LBS)
Automation Aspects in Navigation
Techniques, Algorithms and Methods; Aviation, Marine, Land and Inand Water Applications
Ships Routeing and Associated Protected Measures
Hydrotechnics; Hydrotechnical Structures
Maritime Casualties, Ship Safety, Maritime Risk, Safety Culture
Marine Industry and Ship Technology
Ships and Port Operations; Facilities and Cargo Handling; Port Engineering; Safety of Port Operations
Dangerous and Hazardous Goods; IMDG Code; Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)
Ocean, Coast and Offshore Engineering
Offshore Technology; Offshore Surveying
Offshore Energy, Gas and Oil
Automation, Robotics, Underwater Technology and Offshore Constructions
New Marine Vehicles, Structures and Equipment
Coastal Infrastructure and Engineering
Maritime Traffic Engineering; Traffic Analysis and Control
Organization and Management of Vessel Traffic; Pilotage
Systems of Control, Guidance and Monitoring of Traffic, VTS, VTMS, VTMIS
Hydrodynamics and Manoeuvrability of Ships
Ship Dynamics, Stability and Control of Ships
Ship Motion; Degrees of Freedom
Ship Stability and Seakeeping
Sea Wave Theory; Computational Fluid Dynamics
Ship Propulsion; Mechanical Engineering; Machinery & Control
Anti-Corrosion for Maritime Industries
Structural Health Monitoring
Navy and Warship Technology; Defense, Security & Military News
Naval Architecture; Ship Construction and Design
Tactical Navigation, Naval Warfare
Command and Leadership
Maritime English, SMCP; Communications in the Multinational Shipping Industry
Radiolocation, RTLS, Marine Radar, Radar Equipment, FMCW, SAR/RAR, ARPA, EPA, ATA, AIS, LRIT
Colregs and Anti-Collision; Accident Reconstruction
Ship Handling and Maneuvering
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR); Tracking Systems
Electronic Log Book; Voyage Data Recorder VDR, S-VDR; Black Box
Safety, Security and Emergency in Transportation
Maritime Search and Rescue (SAR)
Piracy and Armed Robbery; Maritime Terrorism
Life-Saving Service; Life-Saving Appliances (LSA)
Sea Pollution and Environmental Protection; Ballast Water Management
Human Factors, Marine Accidents, Human Errors
Crew Resource Management, Safe Manning, Stress and Fatigue
Marine Resource Assessment, Natural Resource Management
Navigational Systems - the End User Experience
Systems Modelling and Simulation
Marine Simulation; Full Mission Bridge; Navigational Simulator
International Standards and Regulations
Standardization of Navigational Terminology
Maritime Education and Training (MET); IMO Model Courses Validation; STCW Implementation
Frontiers in Educational Methods; Computer-Based Assessments in Seafaring Training; e-Learning
New Researches in the History of Navigation; Navigation in Ancient Times
Marine Archaeology; Underwater Research
Meteorology and Nautical Oceanography
Weather Routing, Marine Weather Forecast; Route Optimization
Ocean Disaster Assessment and Prevention; Heavy Weather
Climatology, Climate Change
Tropical Cyclones and Impact of Extreme Storms
Polar Research, Safe and Sustainable Traffic in Ice/Winter Conditions; Arctic Navigation
Coastal Zone Management
Marine & Coastal Protected Areas; Particularly Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA)
Aquaculture & Fishing
Nautical Tourism and Yachting; Small & Pleasure Crafts
UNCLOS, Delimitation of a Maritime Boundaries, EEZ
Advanced Maritime Policy and Governance; Maritime Administration
Maritime Law, Insurance and Arbitration
Communication, Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering
Information and Communications
Computer Engineering; Digital System Design; Computer Applications in Maritime Engineering
Information Processing and Engineering
Multimedia, Network & Communication Technologies
Maritime Telecommunications; GMDSS
Signal & Image Processing; Data Transmission, Processing and Analysis
Decision Support Systems and Artificial Intelligence Methods in Maritime Transport
Telematics in Maritime Transportation
Maritime Intelligent Transportation Systems; ITS
Intelligent Control System of Ships Dynamic Positioning, DP Technology
Acoustic Remote Sensing, Hydroacoustics
Underwater Acoustic Measurements: Technologies, Methods and Systems
Maritime Sensors, Technology and Infrastructure in Waterside Security
Modelling and Numeric Methods in Maritime Industry; Applied Mathematics
Cybernetics, Robotics and Automation; Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems
Mathematical Model Applications in the Operation of Vessel and Port Machinery
Mathematical Fundamentals of Safety and Dependability, Maintainability of Maritime Objects
System Availability, Software and Structural Reliability
Safety, Security and Risk Management; Risk and Safety Analysis, Assessment and Prediction
Reliability and Safety Methods: HAZOP, HAZID, HRA, FMEA, FSA, FTA, ETA
Transport Systems: Operation, Management, Control and Maintenance
Transportation Planning and Management; Economic, Legal and Social Aspects; Transport Policy
Marine Ship Economy, Finance and Insurance, Management and Business Strategy
Impact of Economic Recession on Maritime Transport; Shipping Financial Management.
Sea Freight and Forwarding; Intermodal, Multimodal and Combined Transport
Maritime Transport and Logistics Systems; Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL)
New Maritime Technologies; Application and Evaluation Studies